Don’t complain – Support the youth instead

“In this day and age, we as adults, parents and members of society need to stop complaining about how younger generations are underachieving.


We must nurture them and fill them with promises and hope that life is more than just what they see on social media and within this broken society.


The BYA Awards play a pivotal role in making sure the youth are supported and nurtured into becoming kings and queens with an empowered sense of self and strong, determinded minds.


I am a living testimony to their great works.



Previously being nominated for the Choices Award in 2011, which acknowledged the difficult decisions I had made to change my life around, BYA saw something great in me and helped nurture my talents and ability and until this very day they still support my endeavours with my group Rough Copy as well as my work as a mentor and public speaker.


I fully support the BYA Awards and cannot wait for this years event on 16th July. I’ll see you there!

Kazeem Tunde, Director at Rough Copy LTD. Founding Member of Rough Copy UK @kazdadon_RC


Kazeem Tunde is a motivational speaker and mentor, using his life experience to help young people overcome personal challenges and offer support on their journey to greatness.

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